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Japan and Indonesia Comparative Study: Changes in Communication and Impact on the Level of Social Presence of University Student Organizations Before and During the Pandemic
Christy Immanuel Juneza, Sekar Mantradianing Roosdianto, Utari Novella, Kouki Kakimoto, Yumi Ueno, Ichirou Fujiyama

Last modified: 2022-05-29


This research studies how changes in higher education’s methodologies from face to face to computer mediated communication during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the quality of communication amongst students in university student organizations in Japan and Indonesia. This study questions; (1) whether there’s a difference in the level of social presence, along with its impact in university student organizations’ discussions that are held face to face (FTF) with those that are held through computer mediated communication (CMC), (2) if high-low context culture differences between the students have any impact on the level of social presence perceived depending on the media tools used, (3) how do the results’ compare between Japan and Indonesia. With how immense the COVID-19 pandemic’s ramifications in the realm of education, countless studies have covered its impact on a variety of angles and from numerous perspectives, but the same could not be said about university student organizations, thus is why the topic is of value to examine further to better understand it and for future references. In search for the answers, qualitative research method is used, with data collected through focus group discussions held with members from two student organizations, one of Japan’s Wakayama University, another of Indonesia’s Bina Nusantara University which results are then compared with relevant studies and analyzed. This study established the importance of media’s richness and level of social presence within current available selection of discussion methods whilst taking into account whether issues in need of discussion is routine or non-routine in nature, the level of familiarity of each other’s way of communication, and differences in context cultures amongst participants.


Covid-19 Pandemic, Education, Social Presence, Indonesia, Japan

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