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Utilization of Virtual Reality Tour as Educational Media Introduction of “Bayt Al Qur’an and Istiqlal Museum” for Students Post Covid 19 Pandemic
Suprayitno Sutoyo, R.A. Diah Resita I. Kuntjoro-Jakti, Muhamad Imam Tobroni

Last modified: 2022-06-12


The goal of this paper is to describe a comprehensive evaluation experiment of semi-immersive virtual reality (VR) applications, beginning with the heuristic side of application interface design and progressing to cognitive enhancement abilities and increasing learning motivation when the application is used during the learning process. This study employs a descriptive qualitative method to better understand the phenomena encountered by research subjects, such as behavior, perception, motivation, and actions. Based on data analysis, the research results show that the use of Virtual Reality at the Museum is quite effective and efficient in the post-pandemic Covid19 for students. Researchers discovered that virtual reality was able to increase the number of visits as well as increase interest in learning and understanding the Al-Quran manuscripts better. Finally, after the Covid 19 Pandemic, Virtual Reality can be one of the educational media that is very helpful for students in particular, so that they can present simulations like in the real world, where they can see the collections at Bayt Al Qur’an and Istiqlal Museum comprehensively.


post Pandemic, virtual reality, educational media, Bayt Al Qur'an and Istiqlal Museum

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