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Gaming Language as a Language Variations in Digital Humanities
Furianto Furianto Furianto, Risa Rumentha Simanjuntak

Last modified: 2022-06-11


This study examined language used by players in online game Valorant. Gaming language develops massively as digital way of living. In digital humanities variation in virtual communication needs to be considered as important milestone in the development of language. This present study investigated in specific the use of slang, which identified specific community. There were two goals of this study, first to identify the slang words used by players during the game and second to examine the function of these slang words. Data for this study were collected during one month of consecutive game, including screenshots and recording of sessions. Results showed four categories of slang words used by Valorant players, with acronym and clippings used more frequently (42,50% for each category) than other categories of slang words. These slang words were used by players to convey emotional and tactical messages. These functions identified including disapproval, criticism, support, and praises, it was concluded that the new slang words showed language used in gaming as a phenomenon in digital humanities. Implications for future research were also discussed for further development of digital culture and digital humanities.


Slang, Language Variation, Valorant, Digital Culture, Digital humanities

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