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Women in Sustainable Tourism Development (A Case Study at Komodo and Labuan Bajo Tourism Destination)
Priskardus Hermanto Candra

Last modified: 2022-06-11


Tourism development is directed at human welfare and the integrity of nature around the destination, and a new concept in tourism development is sustainable tourism. In sustainable tourism, the role of women as tourism actors was considered because they often experienced a double burden of suffering from the roar of tourism progress in a destination. This paper aimed to map the involvement of women in sustainable tourism strategies in tourist destinations of Komodo National Park (KNP). This study uses a qualitative method. The data collection technique used in-depth interviews with women involved in tourism service businesses around KNP. This paper conducted interviews with local communities, previous research, NGOs and regional governments data as data triangulation. The results of this study indicated that the involvement of women in tourism around KNP destinations was influenced by several factors such as patriarchal culture rooted in everyday life, stereotypes about women's abilities, and low self-esteem that came from women. On the other hand, the government's program for women's empowerment had not found the right formulation. The involvement of women around KNP as tourism drivers must also be a joint concern of the local community, NGOs, and local governments.


Sustainable, Development, Tourism, Women and Labuan Bajo

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