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Gojek's Role in Contributing to Achieving the SDGs in Indonesia: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Vionita Chandra, Roseno Aji Affandi

Last modified: 2022-06-17


This study aims to explain the role of the Gojek company in contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia at point 8, namely decent work and economic growth. With the development of increasingly advanced technology, this opportunity is used as an opportunity for Indonesia to succeed in the 8th Sustainable Development Goals. Which in SDGs point 8 is the existence of decent work and economic growth. In this study, one example of a company that helps Indonesia achieve the 8th point of the SDGs is the Indonesian Gojek Company. The approach in this study is a qualitative method, as well as processing data with secondary data obtained from books, journals, and official websites. The results of this study state that the Gojek company has a major role in Indonesia in the success of the 8th Sustainable Development Goals by showing tangible evidence through the results of the strategy provided by Gojek so far by providing job opportunities to become Gojek driver partners and also providing evidence of the increase in income earned by Gojek.


Gojek, SDGs, Decent Work, Economic Growth, Indonesia.

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