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Improving Performance through TQM and SCM with Human Resources Competence as mediation variable on Banana’s Plantation Company
Rini Setiawati, Darjat Sudrajat, Hasri Nirmala, Ira Setyawati

Last modified: 2022-06-08


Many research results and theories say that Total Quality Management (TQM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) are the main strategies for all small, medium and large businesses. The purpose of this study was to see the impact of the implementation of TQM and SCM and whether the impact was also influenced by HR competencies. This research was conducted at one of the banana plantation companies in Indonesia. The research method used is a qualitative method with PLS as a statistical tool. Almost every company will definitely be faced with the challenges of supply chain from upstream to downstream. This also happens in a banana plantation company where it must be ascertained the availability of fertilizers and chemicals as well as the distribution of fresh fruit to consumers. The results showed that there was a positive and significant influence on the TQM and SCM variables on company performance and HR competencies also affect the success of the implementation of TQM and SCM


TQM, Human Resources Competence (HRC), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Company Performance.

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