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Effect of Immersive Experience on Repurchase Intention of Virtual Heritage Tours among Gen-Z in Indonesia
Teguh Amor Patria, Nurdin Hidayah, Herlan Suherlan

Last modified: 2022-06-11


This study is aimed at examining the effect of immersive experience among Gen-Z in Indonesia on their repurchase intention of virtual heritage tours. This study is an attempt to fill a gap based on a suggestion from a recent study, that was to examine effects of MR on visitor experience, particularly Gen-Z. An e-questionnaire was distributed digitally through WhatsApp and social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, generating 128 respondents through a convenience sampling method. Finding suggested that Gen-Z in Indonesia shows an intention to repurchase virtual heritage tours in the future after experiencing at least one virtual heritage tour. A quality virtual heritage tour determined by its ability to cocreate a virtual environment as if it is a real environment, where users’ bodily senses are stimulated, also by the quality of a VT content. These two indicators become the most determinant factors of a successful virtual heritage tour. Findings of this study can be used for heritage destination managements to make decisions regarding future use of immersive technologies, such as providing an alternative way for users to experience heritage sites as well as to help prevent or solve overtourism at a heritage site or destination. Further studies can be conducted to investigate other factors than immersive experience that affect Gen-Z’s repurchase intention of virtual heritage tours.


immersive experience; repurchase intention; virtual tour; heritage tour; gen z;

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