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Gen Z as The Catalyst for Change of the Future Accounting Professions
Marsha Nisa Athaya Yusuf, Aqila Sabhira Irwan, Igantius Edward Riantono

Last modified: 2022-06-07


In this technological era, technology assists every profession in day-to-day tasks to provide a timely integration process for the business, including accounting. Like any other profession, accounting went through various changes in technology and culture. The younger generation will need to adapt to these changes, which will also fulfill the expectations of having a well-being life with a prestigious job. This can be seen from the aspirations, expectations, and concerns of Generation Z that was conducted in 2021 by ACCA. Therefore, this study wants to analyze the perceptions of Generation Z of accounting regarding the factors that affect the accounting profession, such as big data, gender attitude, pursuit of accounting careers, vocational expectation, and perceptions & cognitive style. This research uses primary data, which the data on perceptions of the generation Z of accounting were obtained by sending questionnaires via social media.


Big Data; Accounting Profession; Generation Z; Accounting Career; Career Choice

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