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The Relationships between Social Media Narcissism, Tax Knowledge, and Trust in Government on Tax Compliance
Bryan Julio Benedrick, Draven Davidson, Ilham Condro Prabowo

Last modified: 2022-06-10


This study examines the effect of narcissistic tendencies in social media, tax knowledge, and trust in the government on tax compliance. Voluntary tax compliance is necessary for the government because Indonesia's highest state revenue comes from taxes. But in reality, the tax compliance rate is still low. This study aimed to examine the factors of social media narcissism, tax knowledge, and trust in the government toward tax compliance. The sample obtained from the online questionnaire is 100 individual taxpayers who haveĀ  TIN and routinely report Annual Tax Return. The SEM-PLS method was used to analyze the data The results of this study indicate that Social Media Narcissism has no significant effect on Tax Compliance. Tax Knowledge and Trust in Government have a significant impact on Tax Compliance.


Social Media Narcissism; Tax Knowledge; Trust in Government; Tax Compliance

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