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Remembering the Past for Better Future: Positive Effect of Nostalgia on Hope
Arsrilisa Reina Putri, Esther Widhi Andangsari, Evi Afifah Hurriyato, Meilani Dhamayanti, Rani Agias Fitri

Last modified: 2022-06-12


Living in uncertainty situation is not easy for some human being. It gives effect for mental health and decreasing hope for sustainability harmonize living. Surprisingly, some people could live positively during crisis. It beomes a model on ‘how can we live such a tough situation. The research explored the positive effect of nostalgia on hope during crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The research applied predictive-correlational quantitative method with 315 emerging adulthoods from Indonesia having an age range from 18-25 years. Hope was measured using The Herth Hope Index (HHI) developed by Herth, adapted to the Indonesian version in the COVID-19 pandemic context by the authors. Meanwhile nostalgia was measured using the Indonesian version of State Functions of Nostalgia Scale which was adapted by Abraham, Ali, Andangsari, and Hartanti from Hepper, Ritchie, Sedikides, and Wildschut. Result has shown that nostalgia had a significant positive effect on hope. It can be concluded that nostalgia significantly gave a positive effect on hope during the uncertainty situation like the COVID-19 pandemic. Reminiscing a nostalgic memory that happened before the pandemic occurred help young people to eliminate negative mood, increase self-esteem, increase a perception of social relationships, and develop a perception towards the meaning of life which make someone less anxious.


Facing crisis, hope, memory nostalgic, nostalgia, emerging adulthood

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