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Representation of Radical Environmentalism in "Pom Poko" and "First Reformed"
Muhammad Alvian Dharma Nararya, Ekky Imanjaya

Last modified: 2022-06-12


In the age of social media and streaming platforms, the visuality of an idea has become much more crucial than before, including in the space of environmental activism. The representation of an idea of eco-activism that is campaigning for climate change, including the more radical practices of those activisms, is now communicated mainly not with written words but through the audio-visual medium of film or vlog to the audience. In the realm of cinema, films are worth analyzing regarding their representation of radical environmental activism. The paper will focus on Pom Poko (1994) and First Reformed (2017). because of their originality and nuanced representation of radical environmental activism. Through these films, we can see the surface representation of radical environmentalism and its philosophy and reasons that have usually been overlooked.


Radical Environmentalism; Eco-terrorism; Ontological Security; Film

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