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Analysis of the Effect of Electronic Sports (E-Sports) Management on the Implementation of the Franchise League
Setiani Putri Hendratno, Louis Candradinata, Jose Anderson

Last modified: 2022-06-06


This study has the objective of proving a significant effect of the application of the franchise league in the mobile game on the management of the esports team. Franchise League is a league system where every team that wants to join requires investment. This increases the author's curiosity about its influences and things are considered by each management team to decide to join a franchise league based on investment. Researchers also want to know the response of the esports community fans to the application of franchise leagues. This research was conducted using a qualitative method, where researchers obtained data by conducting interviews with the management of esports teams who joined and invested in franchise leagues and competed in franchise leagues and from the esports community. The results obtained by the author from this study are that the franchise league really attracts the attention of the management team to join the franchise league, where to join the franchise league requires capital to be invested. The enthusiasm of every esports team is very clear, such as the investment to join, there is no remaining slot given by developer in the implementation of this franchise league. Another interesting thing is that the nominal investment invested by each team so far has increased rapidly beyond the profits earned during the league competition. The franchise league implemented in Indonesia makes the game look more exclusive and royal, where the only team that can participate in this prestigious event is the team that enters the franchise league.


Sustainable Innovation

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