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Construction Management and Dynamic Building Structure’s Sustainability on Engineering’s Technology and Human Development
Khristian Edi Nugroho Soebandrija, Hwi Chie Ho, Meilani Meilani

Last modified: 2022-06-08


Construction Management (CM) and Dynamic Building Structure (DBS) constitute indispensable factor within Sustainability Perspective in general and in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) within Global Perspectives. Precisely, this paper elaborates discourse on Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering, including the ergonomics and its anthropometric measurement. The CM and DBS in this paper refers to office activities that involves activities carried out in a room to carry out certain business activities. In general, office activities in Indonesia are carried out by all middle and upper business entities in Indonesia. Generally, current office activities are dominated by the design of open space offices, with the aim of increasing collaboration between employees within the office. The objective of this paper is to observe and provide solutions for workers that experience distractions from co-workers such as talking too loudly so they have higher levels of stress difficulty concentrating and motivation. One of the solutions refer to use of partitions to avoid people experiencing claustrophobia or fear of tight spaces and to create a space of privacy for each employee. Subsequently the discourse on CM and DBS is intertwined with the concept of Environment, Social and Government (ESG) within Global Perspectives. This paper provides solutions within perspective on Civil Engineering and Industrial Engineering’s Technology and Human development. Ultimately, this paper combines theoretical and empirical perspective within the Local Wisdom in Indonesia and subsequently in Global Perspectives.


Construction Management, Dynamic Building Structure, Technology, Sustainability, Human Development

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