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Low Fidelity Prototype Design to Facilitate NDA GCF Website Navigation Process for Submitting Climate Action Project Proposal
Tobias Warbung

Last modified: 2022-06-08


The management of funds from the Global Climate Fund for the Indonesian government is managed by the FiscalPolicy Agency as part of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, which in its communication using thewebsite becomes an important medium so that the message and its objectives can be achieved. This study intends todesign a low-fidelity prototype on the NDA GCF website so that it is easier for users to navigate and achieve theirmain goal, so that users can upload their ideas for tackling climate change in the form of a proposal. The designdirection of the low-fidelity prototype design for this research was obtained from the analysis that had been carriedout by the research team in previous studies. The method used is the branching method by John Bower to designprototypes that are easy to understand and understand. To organize the layout and information, the research team usesdesign principles and elements to show the hierarchy of the website so that users can see the order and priority of theinformation needed.

KeywordsPrototype, Design Principle, User Journey, Usability, User Interface.


Design Principle, User Journey, Usability, User Interface

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