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Digital Cultural Behavior in the documentary The Social Dilemma (2020): Psychoanalysis
Cindy Oktavianty

Last modified: 2022-06-12


This research analyses the behavior of a teenage girl who was addicted to social media in the documentary film entitled The Social Dilemma (2020) using the psychoanalytic theory created by Sigmund Freud. In the Psychoanalytic theory, there are three personalities that influence human behavior: the ‘Id,’ ‘Ego,’ and ‘Superego’. The descriptive qualitative method was used in this paper in order to achieve the objectives of this study by describing and explaining the discussion of the topics of this study. This study aims to find out what personality the teenage girl has according to the psychoanalytic theory and how the personality she has shaped her behavior, and the impacts of her behavior. The results show that the teenage girl had the ‘Id’ personality and it has a bad impact on her behavior, and her behavior depicts teens who are addicted to social media in today's digital culture. Therefore, the function of this study is to educate and increase awareness about the use of social media, so that digital culture and heritage can be implemented optimally for the future and the formation of a sustainable society.


Digital Culture, Digital Heritage, Psychoanalysis, Behavior, Social Media Addiction.

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