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Virtual Tour for Flores Expedition Digital Footprint and Future Potential
Arsa Widitiarsa Utoyo

Last modified: 2022-06-12


Covid-19 pandemic made the worldwide tourism enterprise to closed. This reaction, diverse all the tourism stakeholders followed to make a revolutionary approaches together with the virtual exhibition to preserve their sights firmly within the minds of potential site visitors in the virtual world. This take a look at has incorporated the generation popularity model and protecting action selection version of the village and the culture to decide the factors that affect someone’s decision to undertake virtual exhibition as temporary alternatives for the duration of times of crises. Information had been gathered a sample of four hundred accessed when they had qualified as a minimum one of the Virtual exhibition of Flores exhibition records web sites. The conclusions show that the qualifications of the village and visual are powerful in predicting customers to see the virtual exhibition, reason to undertake digital exhibition and that adoption reason has an excessive quality effect on the tendency to visit the real website. Similarly, realistic implications are provided for internet site online managers to remember while choosing virtual exhibition as a promotional tool.


Flores, Indonesia, Corona Virus, Pandemic, Virtual Tour

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