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To Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn with Personalized Language Learning and Educational Technology
Abyana Maheswara, Irfan Rifai

Last modified: 2022-06-11


The implementation of Personalized Learning as learning system provides opportunities for students to manage learning according to their competencies, time, and interests. It has emerged as trends in K-12 classes in the United States and the UK, but not that much in higher education. Thus, there has not been sufficient study that investigated students’ transition from conventional to personalized language learning at higher education. In transitioning to personalized learning system, students would need to unlearn the experience of conventional learning method and to adapt to the new method. This research reports the experience of Bina Nusantara University students who chose to do personalized learning system. We investigated their methods of learning, including the use of technology and how it has affected them in multiple ways. Based on a semi-structured interview held with 15 participating students, data were qualitatively collected on the participants’ impression about the system and the technology incorporated to support their learning. The interview suggests that most participants integrating personalized learning and use educational technology to support it. In order to achieve the same goal, they were situated to unlearn the conventional structured system and relearn the new system provided in personalized learning. The participants claimed that personalized learning supports them in improving their self-managements, taking care of other things outside academics, and flexibility in learning based on their competencies and interest. Personal Language learning design and with the support of technology, personalized learning can be the future of institutional foreign language learning.


Personalized learning; English language learning; Language learning; Higher education; Technology use

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