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Beelic Website Design as an Information Center for Design, Promotion and Marketing of MSME Products in the Pandemic Period
Hervina Dyah APrilia

Last modified: 2022-06-11


In this pandemic period, the obstacles faced by SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the interior, furniture and interior accessories are facilities that can be used together as an Information Centre, promotion and marketing that is effective, flexible, and multifunctional support business in the future. The impact of this pandemic situation on SMEs is very hard. Generally, business income has significantly decreased. A strategic step and breakthrough are needed so that MSMEs can also take advantage of the market potential in the industrial era 4.0. Health protocols are a new thing for SMEs, so education for MSMEs is also needed. New SME products can be alternative solutions that meet the community's needs. This research aims to design the BEELIC website as a flexible tool that MSMEs can share in obtaining education, developing design knowledge, and promoting and marketing products. This research continues an Interior Research on recycling container waste with a Biophilic Design approach. Continuing the spirit of sustainability, the products of these SMEs can be marketed through the BEELIC website. The methodology used is a literature review, online survey, case study, conducting questionnaires, analyzing data, developing designs, making prototypes, evaluating, and producing the final site design. The case study in this research is a website design where the design and technology can fulfil the needs for information and solutions the SMEs and people need.


Web Design, User Experience, User Interface, Design Principle, Visual Communication Design

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