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Health Protocol on Infographic: Building awareness and Understanding Through Social Media in Order to Prevent the Transmission of the Covid-19 Virus in Indonesia, from the Early Stage of the Pandemic to the New Normal
Danendro Adi, Dria Setiautami

Last modified: 2022-06-13


Combination of visual and text to deliver information that simply called Infographic, allows the reader to easily comprehend complex information, in this case, delivering information about the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia and how to cope with the condition. This paper will be started with explanation about the pandemic and how Infographics became a medium to deliver the information. Then, this paper will be discussed how Infographics are used to deliver information on Instagram, popular social media, in order to guide the audience in preparing for the outbreak and built awareness about the global pandemic. At the end, a clearer picture of how Infographic contribute to delivering information and building awareness to a wide range of audiences can be obtained, at the same time the difference in the visual approach implemented at the beginning of the pandemic and after the relaxation of social interactions in public spaces toward the “New Normal” are explained.


Infographic, Social Media, Covid 19 pandemic, New Normal

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