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Utilization of ICT in Japanese Language Learning During the Covid 19 Pandemic Case Study of Japanese in Use I Courses
timur sri astami, Utari Novella, Linda Unsriana

Last modified: 2022-06-12


Studying during the covid 19 pandemic in Bina Nusantara University Institution, which previously was carried out with a face-to-face system, became online distance learning using zoom. This is a challenge in itself since it is related to communicative competence, where the students’ speaking skills are required to advance in the final result. This study uses a qualitative method by sharing questionnaires with 46 respondents taking up Japanese in Use I courses to find out their responses on the utilization of ICT. This study is an introductory study on how ICT helps respondents enhance their speaking skills to the basic level 1 and becomes able to define themselves and their environment using question and answer form on personal information simply and briefly. Through utilizing various support media from audio to print media, the respondents are able to find out and determine the self-learning model suitable for them. However, this study has not been able to describe more in to detail of the specific support media suitable to help them enhance their communicative competence.


Utilization of ICT, online learning, Japanese in Use 1 Course

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