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The use of bamboo material as a support product display for rural farming communities in tourism village
Titi Indahyani, Nabilla Retnaning Dewanti, Elizabeth Jessica Muliadi

Last modified: 2022-06-12


‘Saung Bambu’ or Bamboo huts can be utilized as a display space for MSMEs’ products to add values. The use of bamboo material as a product display can improve marketing strategies, particularly for featured products. This paper discusses the optimal design concept to display featured products from urban farming local communities. The study case of local bamboo material as a display of the urban farming environment in Kampung Tjibarani also examined some values that can be highlighted through specific research stages (literature study, online observation, and online interviews) and design stages (design concept and final implementation) The result shows that the use of bamboo material in supporting product display can impact tourist attractions in Kampung Tjibarani which also enhances the economic value itself. The conclusion states that the use of bamboo as a marketing strategy indicates a positive value for social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


Bamboo Hut, Local Superior Product, Rural Farming Communities

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