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The Impact of Interactive Features on Broadcasting Virtual Laboratory on Vocational Students' Learning Motivation; Study at SMKN 1 Bangil and SMKN 1 Sragen, East Java, Indonesia
indra prawira, Mariko Rizkiansyah, Riana Jogi Matondang, Arleen Ariestyani, Amelia Mettadewi

Last modified: 2022-06-10


Media learning is a vital component in achieving student learning goals. The development of technology, especially digital media, has made the learning process more diverse. However, the product of media learning is contextual, following the readiness of students, teachers, and technology. Learning institutions are in search for appropriate media learning to the situation following the Covid19 pandemic and post-pandemic Covid19. Research has found that media learning is correlated with motivation. However, research on virtual media learning laboratories concerning vocational broadcasting study is still rare. We have developed a virtual laboratory for broadcasting study in response to the media learning gap that follows technological developments in Indonesia. However, the development of virtual laboratories requires further research. This study adopted the Anderson and Garrison model with a quantitative correlation method to find the relationship between interactive features of broadcasting virtual laboratories with student motivation. The research data was obtained through 88 questionnaires with purposive sampling from two schools, namely vocational high schools-SMKN 1 Bangil and SMKN 1 Sragen, East Java, Indonesia. The results showed that the interactive feature of Binus University's virtual broadcasting laboratory had a positive correlation with the learning motivation of students at SMKN 1 Bangil and SMKN 1 Sragen. The image feature of the Binus University virtual laboratory is the most influential factor in student motivation. Students feel that the picture feature helps them complete assignments related to the broadcasting course.


Broadcasting vocational study, Covid19 post-pandemic learning, Digital media learning, Interactive media, Virtual laboratory

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