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Indonesian Songket Virtual Exhibition as Digital Culture form to Preserve the Heritage of Traditional Wastra
Dicky Maryoga Hutadjulu, I Nyoman Artayasa

Last modified: 2022-06-14


Songket Indonesia is the intangible culture heritage of Indonesia. Songket is wastra of Indonesia. Wastra is derived from Sanskrit word that means fabric with cultural content. The objective of the paper is to analyse Songket Indonesia virtual exhibition as the form of digital culture method to preserve intangible culture of Indonesia, songket wastra. Digital culture has been a popular topic in the world of cultural heritage preservation.


Museum National of Indonesia and Ministry of education and culture on December 13, 2021, held a virtual exhibition of Songket Indonesia, called “Songket Indonesia connected the universe’. The event launched the website based of Songket Indonesia museum. Indonesia has more than 1582 intangible cultural heritages. This exhibition featured 40 Songket wastra from all over Indonesia. The Songket Collection from Aceh, Padang, Palembang, Bali etc.


Case study would be the method of this paper. The analysis through in-depth historical review and analysis of variables, measure, relationship and pattern that emerged throughout the study on fashion marketing mix theory, the promotion mix methods by the fashion marketing digital funnel.


Success and failures of digital heritage campaign for the sample of virtual exhibition for the umbrella variables of marketing mix, and their associated sub-variables, were identified in the review of literature and were analysed, adapted, and enumerated according to findings from the case study.


Results limited to the study of one sample virtual exhibition of songket Indonesia. The research were identified in the digital heritage that can be used by researched to study other virtual exhibition.


Digital Culture, Virtual-exhibition, Heritage, Fashion-marketing, Songket

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