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Designing “Manékawarna” Digital Content as Inventory Media for The Natural Dye of Classical Batik of Yogyakarta
Almira Firmansyah

Last modified: 2022-06-11


Textile coloring using natural colorant has its own unique value on each color results as well as in the color-making creation process itself. In addition to the decorative elements, Indonesian traditional textile also has distinct signature textile culture on its natural dye, for example Batik Klasik Yogyakarta which is well known for its brown soga color, a brownish color obtained from the colorants combination of jambal bark (Pelthophorum ferrugineum), tingi bark (Ceriops candolleana), and tegeran wood (Cudrania javanensis). Along with those ingredients, Batik Klasik Yogyakarta also uses indigo plant (Indigofera tinctoria) as its blue colorant and kapur tohor (Calcium Oxide) for pre and post mordant treatment. The designing of “Manékawarna” digital content output as content of mobile application would be a recommendation as it would be a data inventory media of Batik Klasik Yogyakarta natural dye. In order to make the color visual data suitable for digital device, the research requires fabrics dyed with Batik Klasik Yogyakarta natural dye ingredients and technique as samples for color identification study by digitalization method to obtain RGB color value. The natural dye color digital format data is designed to facilitate data preservation and its acquisition by individuals whom have interest on textile natural dye.

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