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International Conference on Biospheric Harmony Advanced Research (ICOBAR 2022)

22-23 June 2022



Towards Sustainable Society: The Role of Technology and Human Development in Post-Pandemic Era


Aim and Scope of Conference

ICOBAR 2022 will focus on the role of technology and human development in post-pandemic era to support sustainable society. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated both technological and social trends in today’s world. It allows people to invent, innovate, and re-design to accommodate human needs in post-pandemic era. Without compromising tomorrow’s exigencies, ICOBAR 2022 highlights the importance of designing a future fit for humanity by embracing and driving sustainable innovations. Such innovation may be incremental, alternative, or even disruptive technology which help us to attain the same goal that we proposed in the previous ICOBAR series, “biospheric harmony”.

The committee welcomes researchers and practitioners from academia, industries, research institutions, R&D enterprise services, and governmental organizations to exchange innovative ideas and contribution around the conference topics. Submitted papers should be an original and unpublished work from individuals which theme should match with the topics set in the conference. In addition, papers should be between five to eight pages in length including figures, tables, references, and appendices.


Conference Subject Area (but not limited to):

Track 1 - Technology and innovation in renewable energy, infrastructure, industry, architecture, agriculture

Track 2 - Big data, green computing, and information system

Track 3 - E-Business, finance, and organization

Track 4 - Technological influence on society and applied social sciences to support sustainable society

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