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Property Selling System with Support for Validation and Verification Process
Karto Iskandar, Christianto Christianto, Maria Grace Herlina

Last modified: 2022-10-26


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today's property trade transactions through the website have become common. This phenomenon requires the availability of a trustable property commerce website. This research aims to produce a website trusted for sellers and buyers of property in conducting trade. So, we need to know what information is required by the property validation process so that sellers and buyers feel safe committing the transactions. This website will help increase public trust because it is supported by a verification and validation process by third parties regarding property information. The research method begins with distributing questionnaires to discover the needs of property sellers and buyers, then developing a website using the waterfall methodology of the Laravel application framework. The result of this research is to establish a set of information needed for the property validation process that needs to be verified before conducting transactions. Finally, this web application can increase trust by 59.5%, whereas 37.6% gave the maximum value and 8.7% of respondents gave only moderate weight after being tested on 173 respondents.