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Rethinking the State, Market, and Society in the era of disruption

this year conference’s theme is “Rethinking the State, Market, and Society in the age of disruption”. The conference will have two main objectives to outreach:

This conference will also discuss the emergence of the disruption in every aspect of life ranging from political disruption with the rise of Trumpism to economic disruption with the transformation to digital economy and its consequences for modern societies particularly in Southeast Asia.


The conference is then organised as a collection of variety of workshops and presentations ranging from regulation and digital economy until migration and mobility in the age of disruption. Hence, we particularly interest to have more presenters from outside BINUS so that there is an exchange of ideas. Moreover, the outcomes of the conference is to select particulars papers to be submitted as a part of special issue in relevant journal outlets.



  1. 1. Regulation and Digital Economy
  2. 2. Maritime technology and industrial revolution
  3. 3. The role of Creative Industry in economic development
  4. 4. Sustainable development in the age of disruption
  5. 5. Migration and mobility in the age of disruption
  6. 6. Free trade in the age of new protectionism
  7. 7. International Relations of the Asia Pacific in the age of Trump
  8. 8. Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion
  9. 9. Market and entrepreneurship in digital disruption

10. Security in the age of digital disruption

11. Politics and government in digital society